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Articles from the past 90 days
Martin Barillas

Democrat says "Open season on black men"

Apr 13, 2015 | Martin Barillas

Was Monica Lewinsky's TED Talk a confession?

Apr 13, 2015 | Martin Barillas
Spero News contributor Fr Tom Bartolomeo answers the question with the first in a series of videos. Father Tom with Spero News is open to readers' comments and questions.

Boycott Saudi Arabia, says Rand Paul

Apr 13, 2015 | Martin Barillas

Clinton: not ready for prime time

Apr 13, 2015 | Martin Barillas

Black Republican voices concern over terrorist threat

Apr 9, 2015 | Martin Barillas
Rep. Will Hurd is first black GOP Congressman in Texas since Reconstruction. A former CIA officer and cybersecurity expert, he says Americans should be worried about computer security and the social media campaign by the Islamic State.

China worries about US/Philippines war games

Apr 7, 2015 | Martin Barillas
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