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Articles from the past 90 days
Martin Barillas

Trump pays tribute to patriotism of Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan 15, 2018 | Martin Barillas
On Monday, in recognition of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr, President Donald Trump released a video message that paid tribute."Dr. K ...

GOP senators challenge Dems on rumor of Trump's supposed 'sh-ithole' remark

Jan 14, 2018 | Martin Barillas
Senator David Perdue, a Republican of Georgia, denied the President Donald Trump had used a vulgarity to describe Haiti and African nations in a Whit ...

Federal Court Order for FBI to surrender ex-FBI chief James Comey Memos to court by next week

Jan 12, 2018 | Martin Barillas
Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton responded to a ruling made by United States District Judge James E. Boasberg on Thursday night that the FBI must ...

Sen. Graham claims he confronted Trump over DACA remarks

Jan 12, 2018 | Martin Barillas
According to Sens. David Perdue (R-GA) and Tom Cotton (R-AR), Democrats who participated in discussions on immigration with President Donald Trump an ...

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos donates millions to illegal immigrants

Jan 12, 2018 | Martin Barillas
Jeff Bezos and wife MacKenzie announced on Friday that they are donating $33 million in college scholarships to so-called DREAMers -- illegal immigra ...

No criticism of Obama's use of profanity in describing UK prime minister

Jan 12, 2018 | Martin Barillas
As president, Barack Obama once severely criticized then-Prime Minister David Cameron for the United Kingdom's role in allowing the oil-rich co ...

Trump administration breaks unemployment claim record

Jan 12, 2018 | Martin Barillas
According to the Department of Labor, the number of workers receiving unemployment benefits fell to the lowest level in 44 years at the end of 2017. ...

Video: Trump signs Martin Luther King proclamation

Jan 12, 2018 | Martin Barillas
On Friday, President Donald Trump signed an official proclamation making, January 15 as'Martin Luther King Jr. Federal Holi ...

Democrat scolds Minority Leader Pelosi's race card

Jan 12, 2018 | Martin Barillas
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was the subject of a rebuke from a Democrat colleague for her pejorative remark that “five white guys” ...

Trump insists on 'merit-based' immigration following uproar over meeting with pro-DACA senators

Jan 12, 2018 | Martin Barillas
On Friday, President Donald Trump dismissed claims that the United States does need to allow people coming from "sh-thole countries...
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