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Articles from the past 90 days
Martin Barillas

Feds seek immigration busts in local courthouses

Feb 2, 2018 | Martin Barillas
Acting Director Thomas Homan of the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency has issued a new directive to immigration officers to arrest criminal ...

Classified GOP memo on FBI released by White House

Feb 2, 2018 | Martin Barillas
The White House released on Friday the unredacted memo prepared by the Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee regarding possible politicizat ...

Trump trolls FBI and Justice Department

Feb 2, 2018 | Martin Barillas
President Donald Trump tweeted on Friday that leading officials at the Department of Justice and the FBI have “politicized the sacred investiga ...

Can fair trade fight poverty?

Feb 2, 2018 | Martin Barillas
Pepito Alvarez, 57 and with his wife Conchita are among one of the thousands of small mountain subsistence farmers who have lived just below the ...

Newt Gingrich: FBI in 'open rebellion' against President Trump

Feb 1, 2018 | Martin Barillas
Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich said on Fox News "America's Newsroom" that the FBI is in "open rebellion"...

Parents of murdered teen slam Democrats' lack of respect at SOTU

Feb 1, 2018 | Martin Barillas
The mother of a teen girl who was brutally murdered by members of the MS-13 narco-terrorist organization denounced MSNBC anchor Joy Reid for claiming ...

Massachusetts man charged with marrying six foreign women for immigrant benefits

Feb 1, 2018 | Martin Barillas
A Massachusetts resident was arrested on Monday by federal authorities in connection with entering into six fraudulent marriages in order to eva ...

Congressional black Democrats are 'slaves', says black political activist

Feb 1, 2018 | Martin Barillas
Political commentator and conservative activist Candace Owens posted a series of tweets condemning the behavior of members of the Congressional Black ...

'Men are no angels,' says Sen. Paul while expressing concerns over Special Counsel Mueller

Feb 1, 2018 | Martin Barillas
Appearing on Wednesday evening on 'The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,' Republican Sen. Rand Paul expressed concerns over special counsel R ...

President Trump trolls Nancy Pelosi's 'crumbs'

Feb 1, 2018 | Martin Barillas
President Donald Trump addressed Republican lawmakers at their annual conference in West Virginia on Thursday, calling on them to approve the White H ...
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