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Articles from the past 90 days
Spero News

Democratic presidential debate chatter

Nov 14, 2015 | Spero News
Watch here for rolling coverage of tweets, asides, and issues raised during the Democratic presidential debate. The candidates will debate at 9 p.m. EST.

GOP debate: November 10, 2015

Nov 10, 2015 | Spero News

New on Netflix for November 2015

Oct 31, 2015 | Spero News

Clinton emboldened by new polls

Oct 27, 2015 | Spero News

Botswana youth document challenges in unique photographic exhibition

Oct 19, 2015 | Spero News
Michiganders are well represented in foreign service for the United States.

A letter to Obama about the futility of banning guns

Oct 14, 2015 | Spero News
The president of Oklahoma Wesleyan University writes that Obama's silence on the persecution of Christians is deafening, while his pedantic lectures on gun control are no longer welcome.

First Democratic presidential debate: live blog

Oct 13, 2015 | Spero News
Will what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas? Also: only Jim Webb mentioned Israel, and the threat posed by China.
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