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Patrick J. Buchanan

Patrick Buchanan: In immigration debate, race matters

Jan 16, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
President Trump "said things which were hate-filled, vile and racist. ... I cannot believe ... any president has ever spoken the words that I .. ...

Pat Buchanan: 'America First' is more than a slogan

Jan 12, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
After a year in which he tested a hydrogen bomb and an ICBM, threatened to destroy the United States, and called President Trump 'a dotard,'...

Pat Buchanan: What is America's mission?

Jan 9, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
Informing Iran, "The U.S. is watching what you do," Amb. Nikki Haley called an emergency meeting Friday of the Security Council regarding t ...

Time is not on the side of Iran's mullahs

Jan 5, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
As tens of thousands marched in the streets of Tehran on Wednesday in support of the regime, the head of the Revolutionary Guard Corps assured Irania ...

Pat Buchanan: NYT rides to Mueller's rescue

Jan 3, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
What caused the FBI to open a counterintelligence investigation into the Trump campaign in July 2016, which evolved into the criminal investigation t ...

Pat Buchanan: will a war erase Trump's triumphs?

Dec 29, 2017 | Patrick J. Buchanan
Asked what he did during the French Revolution, Abbe Sieyes replied, "I survived." Donald Trump can make the same boast.

Pat Buchanan: What if the FBI is trying to bring down Trump?

Dec 27, 2017 | Patrick J. Buchanan
The original question the FBI investigation of the Trump campaign was to answer was a simple one: Did he do it?

Republicans put the Grand Old Party on the line

Dec 22, 2017 | Patrick J. Buchanan
Republicans see themselves as the party of free enterprise, of the private not the public sector. They believe that alleviating the burden of regulat ...

War with Iran, anyone?

Dec 19, 2017 | Patrick J. Buchanan
In the run-up to Christmas, President Donald Trump has been the beneficiary of some surprisingly good news and glad tidings. On Sunday, Vladimir P ...

Patrick Buchanan: What should we fight for?

Dec 14, 2017 | Patrick J. Buchanan
“We will never accept Russia’s occupation and attempted annexation of Crimea,” declaimed Rex Tillerson last week in Vienna. &l ...
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