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Articles from the past 90 days
Patrick J. Buchanan

Pat Buchanan: Trump makes historic gamble

Jun 15, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
President Donald Trump appears to belong to what might be called the Benjamin Disraeli school...

Pat Buchanan: What's behind Trump's exasperation?

Jun 12, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
At the G-7 summit in Canada, President Donald Trump described America as “the piggy bank that everybody is robbing.” After he left Que ...

Pat Buchanan: Is white America black America's biggest problem?

Jun 1, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
For Roseanne Barr, star of ABC’s hit show “Roseanne,” there would be no appeal. When her tweet hit, she was gone. “Roseann ...

Is America's policy toward Iran backfiring?

May 25, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
U.S. threats to crush Iran and North Korea may yet work, but as of now neither Tehran nor Pyongyang appears to be intimidated. Repeated references ...

Pat Buchanan: Is the Pope still Catholic?

May 22, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
That joking retort we heard as children, “Is the pope Catholic?” is starting to look like a serious question. Asked five years ago abo ...

Pat Buchanan: Trump's doctrine for Singapore, Korea and beyond

May 18, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
After Pyongyang railed this week that the U.S.-South Korean Max Thunder military drills were a rehearsal for an invasion of the North, and imperiled ...

Patrick Buchanan: Trump should not trash Iran deal just yet

May 8, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
This week may determine whether President Trump extricates us from that cauldron of conflict that is the Middle East...

Patrick Buchanan: America and its unsustainable empire

Apr 24, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
Before President Trump trashes the Iran nuclear deal, he might consider: If he could negotiate an identical deal with Kim Jong Un, it would astonish ...

Patrick Buchanan: How to judge Trump?

Apr 5, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
On many issues: naming Scalia-like judges and backing Reagan-like tax cuts, President Trump is a conventional Republican. Where he w ...

Pat Buchanan: Is Trump assembling a war cabinet?

Mar 27, 2018 | Patrick J. Buchanan
The last man standing between the U.S. and war with Iran may be a four-star general affectionately known to his Marines as “Mad Dog.” ...
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