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Articles from the past 90 days
Star Parker

Star Parker: Replace government poverty programs with private charities

Jun 20, 2017 | Star Parker
Let private citizens take the initiative for change that clearly won't happen in the public sector.

Star Parker: Complacency grips America's culture

May 30, 2017 | Star Parker
There's a sense that a society can be created in which risk is eliminated.

Star Parker: More Americans believe fate, not hard work, determines success

May 23, 2017 | Star Parker
The nation is becoming increasingly polarized on the very fundamental question regarding the extent to which individuals have control over their own life.

Star Parker: Trump vs. Schumer on taxes

May 2, 2017 | Star Parker
You don't need a Ph.D. in economics to understand that a country that punishes success is going to be less wealthy than a country that rewards it.

Star Parker: Lessons unlearned from the '92 LA Riots

Apr 25, 2017 | Star Parker
Despite a complicated and hard history, blacks need to trash the cynicism they harbor against this great nation.

Star Parker: A better way conservatives can speak on campus

Apr 18, 2017 | Star Parker
When relativism takes over and we lose a sense that there is any absolute truth, everything becomes politics rather than learning.

Star Parker: Economic laws are the same for whites and blacks

Apr 11, 2017 | Star Parker
Black politicians want us to believe that the economic laws that work for whites don't apply to blacks.

Retreat, Hell! Trump Just Got Here!

Apr 4, 2017 | Star Parker
Trump will incur all costs, and take all action, to ensure that he will win.

Star Parker: Freedom Caucus members are today's abolitionists

Mar 28, 2017 | Star Parker
Many viewed the abolitionists as extremists, fanatics who refused to accept compromise that would permit slavery in America.
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