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Clinton-era official blames 'white' suburb for Detroit mess

Sep 18, 2014 | Tom Gantert
Robert Reich, a political economist who served in various Democrat administrations, is a professor at UC-Berkeley.

Was football invented in Paraguay?

Sep 6, 2014 | Martin Barillas

Local Alabama zoning board is accused of endangering children

Sep 5, 2014 | Tom Ciesielka
Life Legal Defense Foundation filed an appeal against Huntsville Board of Zoning Adjustment that challenged the body's decision to allow abortions to be performed near a public school.

Michigan judge rules teachers can leave union voluntarily

Sep 4, 2014 | Jack Spencer
A Michigan judge ruled that the MEA committeed unfair labor practices, and called the MERC to order the teacher's union to cease and desist in retaining members against their will.

California state employees healthcare covers only 'medically necessary' abortion

Sep 4, 2014 | Cardinal Newman Society
Gov. Jerry Brown says limiting coverage to 'medically necessary' abortion is discriminatory, but only when applied by private institutions such as Catholic hospitals. There's a double-standard for bureaucrats and citizens in the Golden State.
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