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Commentary:  Analysis human rights

Islam's War on Christians: Report for November 2014

Jan 11, 2015 | Raymond Ibrahim
Obama administration has failed to specifically condemn the murder of Christians in Pakistan: burned alive.

India: Jim Crow laws in the world's largest democracy

Jan 11, 2015 | Anne Morse
Caste, race, and India's eugenic policies play a role in supressing voter rights.

Deja vu at Rolling Stone: before there was Jackie there was Billy

Jan 6, 2015 | Gordon MacRae
Rolling Stone magazine retracted elements of Sabrina Rubin Erderly's report about alleged gang-rape on the Univ of Virginia campus. This is not the first time her veracity has been challenged. It's a tale of journalistic hubris and over-reach.

Crucified Again: persecution of Christians becomes more widespread

Jan 2, 2015 | Raymond Ibrahim
Approximately 100,000 Christians die every year because of their faith. One thousand Nigerian churches destroyed in 2014.

Obama's intelligence failure

Dec 11, 2014 | George Friedman
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