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European airlines switch to two-man rule following Germanwings crash

Mar 27, 2015 | Martin Barillas
Thomas Cook, Virgin Air, EasyJet and Norwegian declared that they are switching procedures to require two persons at all times in jetliner cockpits. This follows post-911 procedure for U.S. airlines.

Germanwings pilot was locked out of cockpit

Mar 25, 2015 | Martin Barillas

Book review: My Battle Against Hitler

Mar 24, 2015 | C. John McCloskey
Dietrich von Hildebrand was a German theologian who resisted Germany's National Socialism.

Pius XII and that other holocaust

Mar 16, 2015 | Michael Hesemen

Terrorist threat threatens carnival in Germany

Feb 15, 2015 | Martin Barillas
Jews and free speech under assault in Europe. Terrorist attacks in Denmark claim two lives. Synagogue attacked and conference on liberty.

Terror attack in Germany

Jan 11, 2015 | Martin Barillas

'Avenge Muhammed' cry Muslim terrorists at deadly attack in Paris

Jan 7, 2015 | Martin Barillas
Graphic video records Muslim terrorist shooting fallen police officer in the head.

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