Exorcist to give spiritual talks in Colombia

world | Nov 24, 2007 | By Martin Barillas

Rev. Jose Antonio Fortea, the Spanish priest and exorcist who has come to be known outside of the Spanish-speaking world, is slated to give talks at the first International Congress on Interior Healing to be held in ten cities in Colombia.

The event will run from November 24 until December 2. It is organized by the Rosario Council Catholic Foundation and with the cooperation of the bishops where it will be held: Medellin, Yopal, San Andres, Tunja, Bucaramanga, and Bogota.

The congress will consider themes such as "The truth about the power of evil in Colombia", "The importance of leading a life of prayer that protects us", "How can the damage done by satanism be identified in daily life?", "The symbols used by the New Age and how they impact families in movies, games, clothing, publications, and music".

The Rosario Council Foundation says on its website that the three challenges it intends to meet is to encourage the liberation of its followers from "the bondage of sin" and lead them to the day that God may redeem them interiorly so that they may lead lives of physical and spiritual peace. The spiritual director of the foundation is Rev. Wilson Salazar Hernandez, a 36-year-old priest who holds a licenciate in dogmatic theology. Rev. Salazar Hernandez wrote his thesis on religious sects and satanism. He has written various works about the New Age, Freemasonry, and exorcism. Like Rev. Fortea, he is a disciple of Rev. Gabriele Amorth - Italian priest and renowned exorcist.

Info: Fundacion Catolica Rosario Council



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