Saudi police raid gay 'wedding'

world | Jul 30, 2008 | By Martin Barillas

In Saudi Arabia, 50 men were arrested for allegedly participating in a "homosexual wedding." Representing several different nationalities, some of the men arrested in the southern town of Al Qatif were wearing women's clothing according to report by the Al Hayat newspaper. Saudi religious police detained men for questioning at farm outside of Al Qatif on the evening of July 29. None are known at this time to be citizens of the US or the European Union.

Sources in the Saudi Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, which has the job of upholding a strict Wahabi vision of Islam, said that two of those arrested were wearing women's clothing and were dancing when arrested. They are now being interrogated, according to reports.

In June 2008, the Saudi religious police arrested and detained some 21 alleged homosexuals also at Al Qatif, where not only large quantities of liquor were seized but also women's lingerie and cosmetics.

In Saudi Arabia, those found guilty of certain homosexual acts can be sentenced to flogging and other punishments. In Muslim Iran, capital punishment has been meted out to those found guilty of homosexual behavior.



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