Sarkozy's flirtations and a chill from Merkel

world | Oct 21, 2008 | By Martin Barillas

According to Le Matin, a Swiss daily, German chancellor Angela Merkel is less than pleased by the attentions of French president Nicolas Sarkozy, whose Latin ways managed to endear him to his new wife and former Italian supermodel Carla Bruni.

According to journalist Dorothea Hahn of Die Tageszeitung of Berlin, there has been a culture clash between the leaders of the two European powerhouses. According to Hahn, “Touching is not part of German culture, and even less so in the culture of this German,” in reference to Merkel who comes from the chilly East Germany. “Physical exhibition of feelings is not proper to Germans,” said Hahn. However, Merkel’s spokesperson claimed that no official message rapping the French president has emerged through German diplomatic channels while giving assurances that reports of any umbrage on the part of Chancellor Merkel are pure fantasy.

President Sarkozy, who showed quite a bit of emotion during a summer vacation in the US in 2007 when approached by reporters, has been seen to give the Teutonic leader little pats on the shoulder as well as the Gallic double-kisses upon greeting her. Perhaps he will have to temper his Latin flair in order to assuage a flustered German frau.



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