Venezuela: Chavez says Clinton is superior because she is 'white'

world | Dec 02, 2010 | By Martin Barillas

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez affirmed on national television on NOvember 30 that Secretary of State Hillary "Clinton feels superior to Obama because she is white...she ought to resign." According to the red-shirted Latin leader, revelations of US foreign policy provided by WikiLeaks has left the American empire "naked." "It has fallen, whatever was left, something of a mask."

Referring to a State Department message, apparently from Hillary Clinton and revealed by WikiLeaks, Chavez said "Clinton should resign. That is the least she can do. And those criminals at the Department of State." The message in question probed the US embassy in Buenos Aires to determine the mental state of President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Chavez said, "Someone ought to study the mental equilibrium of Mrs. Clinton."

Long a critic of the US, Chavez said "I think someone ought to resign, I am not saying that it should be President Obama, but that entire structure over there should fall, at the very least, from shame." An ally of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Chavez said that the US has cast itself against other governments, and shows a lack of respect for its allies. Washington, he said, "has no friends, only interests, and now this has been demonstrated."

Congratulating Julian Assange, the mastermind of WikiLeaks - who is currently facing a warrant for his arrest - Chavez said that the revelations of secret US diplomatic messages is "historic" and should "produce a powerful ethical response of rejection of an illegal, failed state," which is the US.

According to Chavez, the US has "cast overboard all principles of ethics, of respect."

WikiLeaks divulged over 250,000 secret messages that it obtained illegally. Included were reports of US diplomats' conversations with confidential sources all over the world, revealing US efforts to stop terrorism and to negotiate peaceful settlements of conflicts. There were numerous revelations of US diplomatic assessments of persons such as King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, as well as Chavez himself. The diplomatic cables - as they are known in the trade - show that the US is trying to "isolate" the Bolivarian Revolution and its leader, says Chavez.



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