Much of my focus as a researcher has been on progressive forces within religious bodies to promote the faith-based, Alinskyian organizing networks for their capacity to further the progressive “vision,” particularly its death-dealing elements, among their co-religionists. The effort is two-fold: both to fund progressive political activity and to expand the base of acceptance for that activity.

More recently, perhaps as a reaction within these same religious bodies to a growing awareness of just how badly they are being used, secular forces are dramatically expanding their investments in faith-based, Alinskyian organizing, too.

Page 14 of the 2009 Annual Report for the Gamaliel Foundation lists its organizational contributors. Some of them are what one would expect, such as the Presbyterian Church (USA) and the Ford and Rockefeller Foundations. They’ve been funding this stuff for years.

Others are less expected – for example, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Do union members realize that their dues going into faith-based organizing? Do they support the reeducation of congregations – Christian and Jewish and the occasional “others” – into liberationism? Is that the self-interest of the union? Evidently.

Faith in Public Life is another curious contributor. This organization describes itself as a “strategy center advancing faith in the public square as a positive and unifying force for justice, compassion and the common good.”[i] Funding an Alinskyian organizing network, in other words, is a Faith in Public Life strategy to advance its vision of justice. The contribution to Gamaliel’s work “buys” a stake in Gamaliel’s efforts among faith institutions to spread the “vision” – which defines “justice” in progressive political terms.

Another particularly interesting contributor to the Gamaliel Foundation is the Center for Community Change (CCC). CCC was created to provide technical assistance to various local community organizations but, under the leadership of former ACORN organizer Deepak Bhargava, has become a “political machine,” coordinating local organizations such as Gamaliel affiliates, which are CCC “partners,” in national campaigns.

So those are some of the organizational contributors to Gamaliel – which is, remember, a network of faith-based Alinskyian community organizations. That is to say, there are hundreds of religious congregations that are working with the Gamaliel network.

The next question we must ask is where do Faith in Public Life and the Center for Community Change get the money to give to Gamaliel? Among their contributors is George Soros’ Open Society Institute.[ii] Faith in Public Life received two $225,000 grants from Open Society Institute in for 2009-2010. For its part, CCC received two Open Society Institute in 2008: $600,000 for “general support” and another $250,000 specifically for its Immigration Reform Movement efforts; in 2009, it received an additional $930,000. That not exactly chump change…and one can see how Faith in Public Life and CCC might have a bit left over to pass along to Gamaliel.

Of course, Gamaliel has been getting its own grants directly from the Open Society Institute - $300,000 over two years in 2008 and a second award of $300,000 beginning in 2010. The Open Society Institute, in other words, is another institutional contributor to Gamaliel, directly and, one might argue, indirectly.

So, what is George Soros’ Open Society Institute’s interest in Gamaliel - or in, for that matter, Faith in Public Life or CCC or all the other Alinskyian organizing networks it funds? [iii]

There are probably numerous answers. The Open Society Institute, fueled by George Soros’ opinions and money, is a generous funder of Catholics for a Free Choice, Planned Parenthood, the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), and a host of other abortion “rights” organizations. It has also funded the United Religions Initiative (URI), which promulgates the idea that all religions and spiritual movements are equally “true” and with it the concept that the goal of the spiritual is social reform – including the principle of population control.[iv]

Gamaliel and the other faith-based Alinskyian organizing networks are right there, in among the Catholics and Evangelicals and other religious bodies that might, historically, have been expected to resist progressive positions.

The greater their entrenchment, however – the more involvement with an Alinskyian organization is seen as a legitimate expression of spiritual values – the greater the advancement of progressive ideas and policies. This is propaganda and progressive activism in one highly effective package.

This is a great investment.

Stephanie Block is the editor of the New Mexico-based Los Pequenos newspaper and a founder of the Catholic Media Coalition.

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[1] All Open Society Institute grants cited here can be found at the OSI website, grantee listings:
[1] Open Society Institute funded the Industrial Areas Foundation network through its “organizing, technical assistance, training, and research” component, the Interfaith Education Fund, which received an 18-month grant for $300,000 in 2008 and another 1-year grant for $200,000 in 2010. The PICO network received a 2-year Open Society Institute grant for $600,000 in 2009. National Training and Information Center received a 2009 Open Society Institute grant for $600,000 over a 2-year period. Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good (the now defunct twin of Faith in Public Life’s Catholics United) received $50,000 in 2005, $100,000 in 2006, and another $100,000 in 2009 from the Open Society Institute. [See Anne Hendershott, “Who are these Fake Catholic Groups,” The Catholic Advocate, 3-18-10]
[1] See Lee Penn, False Dawn: The United Religions Initiative, Globalism, and the Quest for a One-World Religion, Sophia Perennis, 2004.



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