White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said on Fox News that even though the health care bill devised by Republicans in Congress is not exactly what the public wants, it does mark the “beginning of the end” for the Affordable Care Act. “[Vice President Pence] puts it best when he says this the beginning of the end of ObamaCare. This is a seven and half year sinking battleship that is going to turn around slowly. But we’ve got to start chipping away at it because there are people suffering,” Conway said in a Friday interview with the FOX Business Network.

Projections made by the Congressional Budget Office in 2010, when ObamaCare was signed into law, that 23 million people would be covered by the Affordable Care Act by 2017, were misleading, Conway said. “We look at the CBO projections at 23, 24, 25 million people, would be affected… Eighteen million people would have coverage right now, it’s more like 10 or 11 million,” she said. Conway went on to say that the GOP measure would cover millions of uninsured Americans. 

“Is it perfect?,” she asked, “No—I’m one who doesn’t think you can put the perfect before the good because to do nothing means that people still suffer under ObamaCare… the problem that we are solving for here is ObamaCare.”




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