China: Yueyue, the two year old hit by two trucks and left to suffer, dies

world | Oct 21, 2011 | By Asia News

Beijing - A two year old girl hit by two vehicles and ignored by at least 18 passers-by, died this morning at a hospital in Foshan (Guangdong). The images of the tragedy, spread on the internet, have inflamed the minds of millions of bloggers who criticize the materialism and immorality of the Chinese society.

CCTV images dating to Oct. 13 show the little Wang Yue (familiarly called Yueyue) being hit by a truck that fails to stop to care for her, leaving her bleeding on the road.

In the following seven minutes, there are dozens of people who pass by on foot or by bicycle and nobody stops to help her. Another truck strikes her and breaks her legs. Only a woman sweeper drags her to the edges of the road until her mother, a migrant who runs a small shop, rushes to her (see the tragic video here).

Taken to the hospital, the doctors declared small Yueyue, in a coma, would not survive. Today, the declaration of death for "systemic organ failure."

The accident and now her death has caused millions of blog comments that call into question the morality of China. "I hope - says a comment - that this little angel who was discarded by society can act as a wake-up call to the nation about the importance of moral education."

The two drivers who hit Yueyue are in prison. The Communist Party of Guangdong is planning to pass a law requiring people to help those who are in obvious difficulty. But bloggers say that education is needed before laws.

It must be said that many in China many are reluctant to help people in need because sometimes "good Samaritans" are accused of being guilty and obliged to pay those whom they helped.

In any case, for many bloggers, the death of small Yueyue is the confirmation that the traditional values of China have by now been totally consumed and materialism has dried up every impulse of compassion and morality.



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