In his latest release in a series of undercover videos, videographer James O’Keefe of Project Veritas shows that an operative for Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid admits the difficulty of getting Independent voters to commit to the Democrats. In the video recorded by an undercover journalist, Celinda Lake -- a Clinton veteran, and of the Democratic National Committee and Planned Parenthood -- said at a meeting for members of the Communications Workers of America, "And frankly, we're having a really really hard time holding them. Our candidates, Hillary is having a hard time holding them. And our Senate candidates are having a very hard time holding them. And they are pouring money into them." Lake contended that independent female voters were ranging into the "undecided" column, while Independent males were looking to third-party candidates.
According to Veritas Project, Lake and her firm were hired by CWA to conduct a survey of voters in swing states. What she found in the polls troubled her. Lake said, "Democrats are 11 points behind the Republicans on the economy right now. We are seven points behind the Republicans on jobs. We've never won a presidential election, never in the history since we've done polling data that we weren't even on that. We are in trouble."
Lake spoke to the group, saying "You are not going to lie to them about how pensions work and stuff like that and risking things on Wall Street and loopholes. You might lie to them about whether someone is really good on their guns or something like that. You might lie to them about..." At that point, Lake was interrupted by a man identified on the video as Michael Dolan, legislative representative of the Teamsters Union. He is heard to say, "Oh no, we do." General hilarity ensued after Dolan spoke. Lake responded, "You're in good hands with Lake Research Partners."
Lake was among the speakers at a September 2016 conference of the National Iranian American Council. According to NIAC’s website, its annual three-day Leadership Conference is "the event of the year for supporters of peace and renewed friendship between the peoples of Iran and the United States. Participants will cultivate new leadership and advocacy skills, learn from some of America’s most influential thought leaders, interact with elected officials, and network with prominent Iranian American entrepreneurs and grassroots leaders." NIAC is a critic of U.S. sanctions against Iran, arguing that it costs the U.S. economy billions of dollars.



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