On his "Think Tank" broadcast on The Blaze, Glenn Beck wondered out loud whether former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin is "dealing with a health issue." His comment came after Palin criticized President-elect Donald Trump for saving jobs at Carrier International's factory in Indiana as an instance of “crony capitalism,” The former Alaska governor has heretofore been an outspoken supporter of Trump and was believed to be a candidate to serve as secretary of Veterans Affairs in the Trump White House.
“Sincerely, has she had a brain aneurysm?” wondered Beck. “Because I don’t know what has happened to her.”
During the broadcast, Beck mimicked Palin in the style of comedienne Tina Fey doing an impression of the former governor's expressions of support for Trump.
Glenn asked whether Palin was aware that Trump would take action to save jobs in the way that he did in the case of the Carrier plant. "You own it, Sarah,” Beck said, and added, “You brought it to the table. He said he would do that!”



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