U.S. Rep. Tim Walberg, a Republican of Michigan, told raucous protesters at a town hall on Thursday that he does not believe that Barack Obama wiretapped the Trump campaign, as charged by President Donald Trump. Facing chanting and heated exchanges, when Walberg was asked how to restore integrity to the White House, he answered that he can only control himself. He does not believe former President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump. "I can't control Donald Trump," Walberg said.
More than 100 people came to the meeting in Jackson County in south-central Michigan. Walberg responded to written questions only. The topics ranged from Trump’s promised border wall, congressional district lines, and net neutrality. 
Protesters held up placards and signs while standing throughout the town hall. Walberg told MLive that he wished that a session of “give and take” would have been possible. He said that it was obvious that answering only written questions was the only way to proceed.
There were questions about American Health Care Act. Walberg described his opposition to a single-payer health care system, saying "There are reasons why Canadians aren't healthy." Walberg voted in favor of the AHCA and believes Obamacare is "melting down."
In the face of chanting,  Walberg said:  "If you switch jobs - even if you have a pre-existing condition - and go on another health care plan, you're covered."
Walberg said that he does not believe the border wall will be built, but said more federal money is needed to secure the borders. "There will never be a total border wall, I think I can safely say that," Walberg said. "We don't need a wall the entire length of the southern border."
As for Trump’s dismissal of FBI Director James Comey, Walberg suggested that former U.S. Rep. Mike Rogers of Michigan would be a good replacement. Rogers was briefly on Trump’s transition team.



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