U.S. Commander Calls For More Trust With Pakistan

world | Dec 27, 2011 | By RFE/RL 

The head of the U.S. Central Command says better coordination is needed on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan to avoid incidents like the one that killed 24 Pakistani soldiers last month.  

U.S. Marine Corps General James Mattis told the allied commander in Afghanistan, General John Allen, to develop steps to prevent "friendly fire" incidents and share them with Pakistan's military when possible. 

He also urged Pakistan to share a map of its facilities and installations near the Afghan border. 

The orders are contained in a 30-page report of the U.S. military's findings on the November 25-26 night-time air strike that deeply angered Pakistan.  

After the air strike, Pakistan closed routes used to supply U.S. forces in Afghanistan and kicked out the United States from an air base used to launch remotely piloted drone aircraft.

compiled from agency reports



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