Fox News host Sean Hannity took the side of the Republicans of the Freedom Caucus, which continues to feud with President Trump. Hannity, who has been seen as one of Trump's signal allies in the media, said that he does not believe that the Freedom Caucus is to blame for the failure of the American Health Care Act last week, which was whisked from the House floor before having a vote.
“Now, in my opinion, it’s not the Freedom Caucus that's responsible for the GOP failure in this case to repeal and replace ObamaCare,” Hannity said during his prime-time show. “Now, this legislation was flawed from the beginning. It was created behind closed doors. Not one single member saw the bill until it was rolled out. And that made it a disaster,” he said.
When Republican leaders in the House leaders pulled the bill last Friday, the president referred to the Freedom Caucus members as “friends of mine.” But since then, Trump has said that the group of Republicans of Tea Party persuasion as being responsible for the bill's failure. The American Health Care Act, which some have dubbed Ryancare, is intended to reform Obamacare. 
Trump has also threatened to back primary challenges against members of the Freedom Caucus, targetting three of its leaders by name. 
 Hannity said that Trump's anger was “misplaced.”Hannity said, “Now I don't know who's telling the White House to focus their anger on the Freedom Caucus, but I do think it's misplaced." The Fox News celebrity added, "Because the Freedom Caucus, I've talked to them, they want to make a deal, and they want the win for the president and the country.”
A number of Freedom Caucus members opposed the Republican bill, which has the support of House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI), as did non-affiliated Republicans. A prominent opponent in the Senate is Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R). 



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