A 16-year-old girl, identified as Safia S., was charged today with attempted murder and for her support of the Islamic State terrorist group. A dual citizen of Germany and Morocco, the Muslim teen traveled to Istanbul last January and met with members of ISIS who had planned to aid her in entering ISIS-held territory in war-torn Syria.
However, she returned to Germany when her mother brought her back. It was in February that she stabbed and wounded a police officer, according to law enforcement authorities. She was 15 years old at the time.
Safia, was charged on August 12 with attempted murder, grievous bodily harm, and support for a foreign terrorist organisation. After undergoing surgery, the police officer survived.
Another suspect, German-Syrian national Mohamad Hasan K. (19), was charged on suspicion of failing to report Safia S.'s planned attack. It was during a routine check at a train station in Hanover that she stabbed a federal policeman before being overpowered by another officer. Safia has been in custody ever since.
Prosecutors assert that Safia was radicalized by November 2015 at the very latest. In January, she met representatives of ISIS in Turkey, where they exhorted her to carry out an “act of martyrdom.” Safia informed her associate, Mohamad K., of her travel to Istanbul and her plans, but he did not inform the authorities. 
A series of such attacks have galvanized opinion among many Germans that the government under Chancellor Angela Merkel has introduced criminality and terrorists along with the approximately 1 million migrants who were freely admitted into the country last year. Four terrorist attacks took place in July alone in which a number of persons died, including foreign tourists. Among them was a shooting spree by an Iranian youth, a suicide bombing that killed 13, a knife attack, and an axe rampage. Dozens were wounded.
All the same, Chancellor Merkel said this month, “Terror did not come to us through refugees.”



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