Here follow data compiled by the Federation for American Immigration Reform on issues relevant to the debate on illegal immigrants and their cost to taxpayers. According to FAIR, all data was accurate as of May 2017:

Number of Illegal Aliens in the U.S.

• 12.5 million (including DACA recipients)
• 1.5 million illegal alien minors
• 4.2 million U.S. citizen children of illegal aliens (anchor babies)

Annual National Fiscal Cost of Illegal Immigration

• $116 billion

Average Annual Tax Deficit Per Illegal Alien Adult

• Approximately $10,550

Total Deportations

• 2012: 410,000
• 2013: 368,604
• 2014: 315,943
• 2015: 235,413
• 2016: 240,255

Visa Overstays

• 739,470 total visa overstays in FY2016 alone. 628,799 still present at end of fiscal year.
• 3,396 overstays from the six countries listed on the updated Trump travel restriction list.
• 99 Percent of visa overstays aren’t investigated.

Criminal Aliens Released

• 2014: 30,558 with a combined total of 92,347 criminal convictions including 86 homicide
convictions; 186 kidnapping convictions; 373 sexual assault convictions; 449 other
sexual offenses; 1,194 battery convictions; 1,346 domestic violence convictions; and
13,636 driving under the influence of alcohol convictions.
• 2015: 19,723 criminal aliens. (As of March, 2015)
• Data unavailable for 2016

Criminal Aliens With Deportation Orders At-Large in the U.S.

• 179,027 (as of the end of 2015)

Criminal Alien Removals (FY 2016)

• 69,478 from interior
• 78,351 at or near border or point of entry
• Total of 138,669

Backlog of Immigration Cases

• 585,930 cases. Up 188% percent since Obama took office in 2008.

Total Legal Admissions (FY2015)

• 1,051,031

How Many Came With Skilled-Based Visas in 2013

• 152,567
• Approximately 64,300 when dependents are subtracted.

Miles of Fence Constructed along the 2000 mile US-Mexico Border

• 703 total miles of border fencing.
• 300 miles of vehicular barriers.
• 353 miles of pedestrian fencing.
• 36 miles of double-layer fence.
• 14 miles of Tertiary Pedestrian Fencing

Number of Children Born to Illegal Aliens in U.S. (Anchor Babies)

• Approximately 1 in 10 births nationwide are to illegal aliens. Prior to 1987, this number
was under 1 percent.
• Another 35-36k expectant mothers come to the U.S. as “birth tourists” each year,
meaning their children will be dual citizens, even though they will be raised in a foreign


• 325 million people live in America.
• 1 out of every 6 adults in the U.S. is foreign-born, a total of 42.4 million.
• About 1 in 4 children under 18 in families have at least one foreign-born parent.
• U.S. has approximately 10 million more foreign-born residents than all of Europe
• Immigrants from South and East Asia, the Caribbean, the Middle East and sub-Saharan
Africa represent the fastest percent growth of legal newcomers.
• By 2060 America will add over 100 million more people; the equivalent of adding the
combined populations of California, Texas, New York, Florida and Massachusetts.

Future Population Growth Fueled by Immigration

• Up to 90%.
• 78.2 million foreign-born population estimated for 2065, compared to 42.4 million now,
and 9.6 million in 1965.
• 14 million immigrants expected to enter the U.S. in the next 10 years.

• Approximately 35,100 Islamic refugees admitted in FY2016 are from Islamic-controlled
• Of the 12,587 Syrians resettled, 99 percent were Islamic, less than 1 percent Christian.
• 91% of these receive food stamps.
• 68% of these refugees are on receiving cash welfare.

Unemployment Data

• 4.3% (May, 2017)
• U6: 8.4% (Includes conventional unemployment plus those marginally employed and
those who have given up looking for work.)
• 3 in 4 immigrant households with children drawing welfare payments.

Percent of Labor Force Composed of Illegal Aliens

• Between 4.4 percent and 5.4 percent of total labor force comprised of illegal aliens.
• Approximately 7.0 million illegal aliens 16 or older hold jobs in the formal economy.

New Jobs Going to Illegal Aliens

• 100% of new female job gains since 2007 have gone to foreign-born residents, while
jobs held by US-born women have dropped by approximately 64,000.
• As of 2014, 71% of all new jobs since 2000 have gone to foreign born residents.

Number of States Giving In-State Tuition to Illegal Aliens

• 20 States.

States Offering Financial Aid to Illegal Aliens

• California, Minnesota, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Oregon.
States with Laws Specifically Prohibiting In-State Tuition for Illegal Aliens
• Arizona, Georgia and Indiana.

States with Laws that Prohibit Illegal Aliens from Enrolling at Public Universities

• Alabama and South Carolina.

States Requiring the Use of E-Verify

• Legislation in 20 States require all or some employers utilize E-Verify
• Executive Orders by governors in Florida and Idaho require use of E-Verify
• However, only eight states require both public and private employers use E-Verify:
Alabama, Arizona, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee,
and Utah

States Compliant with REAL ID ACT

• 26 states.

States Issuing Driver’s License to Illegal Aliens

• 12 states plus the District of Columbia.
• This despite the 9/11 Commission recommendation 15 years ago urging a tightening,
not loosening, of issuance requirements.
Jurisdictions Having Some Form of Sanctuary Policies for Illegal Aliens
• Approximately 300 cities, towns and counties have resolutions, ordinances, executive
actions and other initiatives that welcome, protect and reward illegal aliens.

Educating Illegal Aliens (2016 FAIR Estimates)

• Number of illegal students and students with at least one illegal parent: 3.6 million.
• Number of Unaccompanied Alien Minors enrolled in K-12 public schools between 2014
and 2016: 110,605.
• Total state cost to educate illegal students and the U.S. born children of illegal aliens:
$47.8 billion.
• Additional Limited English Proficiency (LEP) teachers needed by 2018: 82,408.
• Cost to employ additional 82,408 LEP teachers: $4.8 billion.
• Average annual per-pupil cost to educate illegal aliens: $12,128.



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