Boycott Saudi Arabia, says Rand Paul

politics | Apr 13, 2015 | By Martin Barillas

Senator Rand Paul told interviewer Chuck Todd that both Hillary Clinton and former president Bill Clinton "think they're above the law." The Republican presidential candidate from Kentucky accused Hillary Clinton of a "grand hypocrisy" for accepting donations from countries which have proven to be unfavorable to women's rights. "I think the thing is about the Clintons is that there's a certain sense that they think they're above the law," he  told NBC news anchor Chuck Todd on "Meet the Press."
Speaking on April 12, Sen. Paul said that former Secretary of State Clinton is wrong to say that Republicans are in engaged in a "war on women"  while he pointed out that the Clnton Foundation receives funding from Saudi Arabia. Women are accorded second-class status in Saudi Arabia, and are even forbidden to drive cars. "Hillary Clinton has taken money from countries that rape victims are publicly lashed," he said. The outspoken Republican illustrated the point by recalling a case of a Saudi woman who was whipped after being gang raped. "We should be boycotting, voluntarily boycotting a country, not buying stuff from a country that does that to women," he said.
However, Paul did not say that the U.S. should end its decades-long economic and strategic alliance with the Oil Kingdom. He did say that Americans, as individuals, should should consider a "voluntary boycott" of the South Africa just as many did when confronted with the racist apartheid regime of South Africa in the 1970s and 80s"I would expect Hillary Clinton if she believes in women's rights, she should be calling for a boycott of Saudi Arabia. Instead, she's accepting tens of millions of dollars," he said. "And I think it looks unseemly. And there's going to be some explaining she's going to have to come up with."



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