Interviewed by French religious journal "La Vie," Pope Francis mused about the situation in Europe. Over the last year, more than 1 million immigrants entered the European Union, while most of them appeared drawn to Germany, which is housing at least 1 million refugees currently.
When asked for his comments, the pontiff told "La Vie","The only continent that can bring about a certain unity to the world is Europe," the Pope adds. "China has perhaps a more ancient, deeper, culture. But only Europe has a vocation towards universality and service."He continued, saying "If Europe wants to rejuvenate, it is necessary for it to find anew its cultural roots. Of all Western countries, the European roots are the strongest and deepest. By the way of colonization, these roots even reached the New World. But, by forgetting its history, Europe weakens itself. It is then that it risks becoming an empty place."
The magazine's editor, Jean Pierre Denis, queried Pope Francis about his description of the sub-continent as an "empty place," saying that this is a "strong" expression. The magazine wrote: "Because in the history of civilizations, emptiness always calls fullness to itself."
The Pope provided his diagnosis: 
"We can speak today of an Arab invasion. It is a social fact.," he said.
 "How many invasions Europe has known throughout its history! It has always known how to overcome itself, moving forward to find itself as if made greater by the exchange between cultures."



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