On CNN’s “New Day” on Tuesday, the discussion was about President Donald Trump’s interview with CBS correspondent John Dickerson that was broadcast on Monday. Trump abruptly ended his conversation with Dickerson when the reporter badgered him about the president’s claims that Barack Obama had wiretapped his transition team. After CNN commentator Kayleigh McEnany proclaimed that she would make a better president than Trump, Begala commented,  "Kayleigh would be a much better President than Trump. My dog Gus would be a better President than Trump."
It was during the morning show that host Alisyn Camerota brought up the CBS interview with Trump. McEnany said that Trump should clarify his accusations against Obama or maybe apologize.
Begala interjected, saying “President Trump's head of the FBI -- no friend of the Democrats -- Jim Comey, has said President Obama did not wiretap anybody -- certainly not candidate Trump. President Trump's own head of the National Security Agency -- Admiral Michael Rogers -- said the same thing in congressional testimony. Because it's a lie.” 
Apparently humored, Begala went on to say to Camerota, “And I twist myself -- and I guess we all do -- into a pretzel. What's the method behind the mendacity? What's the purpose of the prevarication? Why does this guy lie all the time?! And I just think it's his nature. I think he can't help it. I don't forgive it -- I don't excuse it. Kayleigh is right.”
The dog comparison followed: “Kayleigh would be a much better President than Trump. My dog Gus would be a better President than Trump, but -- Gus would be a fine President. He's loyal and loving.”



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