Vice President-elect Mike Pence attended the November 18 Broadway performance of “Hamilton,” the hottest show in New York and for which tickets are at a premium. Pence was booed repeatedly by members of the audience. As governor of Indiana, Pence has been criticized for policies perceived to be against homosexuals. The lead actor in the musical, Javier Munoz has self-identified as gay and is reportedly HIV positive. Munoz plays the title role of Alexander Hamilton.
Social media posts indicated that Pence was booed as he took his seat in the theater. In one instance, a person wrote that the audience became especially agitated during the scenes involving King George III. Christy Colburn wrote, for instance, “Crowd went NUTS at King George’s lines “when people say they hate you” & “do you know how hard it is to lead?” He had to stop the song,” 
One Twitter user issued tweets live that documented the crowd’s reaction. During the reprise of the song “You’ll Be Back,” performers had to pause because people booed Pence during every line.
"’When your people say they hate you…’ Fully stopped the song for a minute while people lost their shit. Never seen anything like it.’” wrote one observer.
Written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who endorsed Hillary Clinton, Hamilton has become a hit. It has largely been credited from keeping Alexander Hamilton on the ten dollar bill. He was the first Treasurer of the United States and the author of the Federalist Papers and George Washington’s economic policies.



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