In a conversation on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” National Border Patrol Association president Brandon Judd expressed satisfaction over the prototypes of the border wall that were tested over the last three weeks in southern California. Judd said “This isn’t typical government. Typical government is to see a gaping wound and cover it with a Band-Aid. What we’ve seen with this president is that he has actually put in research and development into this project.”

Judd said, “We’ve put the Special Forces to go up against this wall, and they can’t defeat this wall. If the Special Forces can’t defeat this wall, the criminal cartels won’t defeat this wall, either.” The walls are at least 30 feet tall, and feature a rounded top along their length that are designed to defeat attempts at scaling. Also, the walls have motion sensors embedded underground. Of the eight prototypes built at Otay Mesa in California, Judd said that his organization prefers one that features verticals rails through which the Border Patrol can see incoming threats.

According to AP, Florida-based special forces joined special units of U.S. Customs and Border Protection and tried for weeks to scale and breach the eigh prototypes located near San Diego. Despite using torches, saws, jackhammers, climbing implements and other tools, they were not able to defeat the walls. 

Regarding reports that the Department of Homeland Security has been transporting young illegal aliens from states of the southern border regions to the interior of the country, Judd said: “The problem we’re having is that the president gave the GOP all the momentum in the world to enact his policies and his agenda. Unfortunately, we have certain GOP senators comparing him to [Soviet dictator] Stalin instead of getting behind him and supporting what he is trying to do. His policies are extremely good for the country.”

Citing President Trump’s successes in the economy and tax reform, Judd called on Republicans to support the president “so that we can get this country moving forward.”



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