On Friday morning, President Donald Trump hosted South Korean President Moon Jae-In in the Oval Office. C-SPAN was there record when a large contingent of American and Korean media entered the room. During the sit-down, Secret Service officers had to ask members of the Korean media to stop running as they entered the office, jockeying for position. As the photographers and reporters jostled and worked their way around the two chairs where the two presidents sat, a couch was bumped, a table damaged, and a lamp nearly overturned.

Apparently annoyed, Trump scolded the media, saying: “You guys are getting worse. You knocked over a table.” White House aide Keith Schiller caught the lamp before it could fall. Trump then turned to Moon and said, “It’s actually a very friendly press, don’t let them get you, although we just lost a table.”
Later, Trump told the media in the Rose Garden that “the era of strategic patience with the North Korean regime has failed.” With Moon standing by, Trump said, “Frankly, that patience is over.”
Railing against North Korea as a “reckless and brutal regime,” he expressed condolences to the family of American student Otto Warmbier, who was arrested in North Korea in 2016 and returned comatose, only to die in the US one day after his return. Trump said his goal is “peace, stability and prosperity” for the region encompassing the Korean Peninsula and warned the US will always defend itself and its allies. In his remarks, Moon said that Trump had accepted his invitation to visit South Korea.



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