Hillary Clinton says she knows where the money is

politics | Aug 16, 2016 | By Martin Barillas

At a rally in Philadelphia today, Hillary Clinton vowed that she will dun wealthy Americans to pay for her proposed programs once she is sitting in the big house in Washington DC. Referring to her economic agenda, she said, "I'll tell you how we're going to pay for it."
"We're going where the money is. We are going after the super wealthy, we are going after corporations, we are going after Wall Street so they pay their fair share."
Progressive Democrats, such as Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota and former Rep. Barney Frank of Massachusetts -- both of whom sat on the Democrat platform committee -- have pressured Clinton to adhere to a progressive agenda, citing socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders' relative success during the primary season. Sanders proposed higher taxes, federal government expansion, and free college tuition. 
Speaking in North Carolina today, Vice Presidential candidate Sen. Tim Kaine said that higher taxes will pay for a "living wage" for all Americans. 



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