Google the words "Russia disables Aegis" to see how far ahead of America that Russia’s electronic warfare capabilities have become, as President Obama is so preoccupied with subsiding Planned Parenthood’s butchering of babies and ensuring the “right” to voyeurism for anyone who claims to be temporarily “transgendered.” 
Russian Su-24 fighter bomber approaches USS Donald Cook in the Baltic Sea, 14 April 2016. (US Navy photo)
The recent Russian flyby of the USS Donald Cook was not just an “in-your-face” maneuver, but rather a dramatic assertion of the superiority of electronic warfare capabilities of the Russian military. The Russian military was apparently able to cripple or “blind” one of the most sophisticated electronic weapons systems in our arsenal. With its electronics disabled by the Russians, the USS Donald Cook was more like a sitting duck.
Reports are even leaking out now that the USS Donald Cook is now been being wryly referred to by a number military insiders as the "USS Donald Duck."
If the Russians can disable our military’s most sophisticated electronic military systems, it would make much of our military sitting ducks in any confrontation with the Russian military – even in a nuclear exchange. If the Russians can “blind” the electronics needed to launch and guide our nuclear missiles, they (or their surrogates in Iran,
North Korea or China) could wipe out our nation in a first-strike with little or no danger of any retaliation.
But, as Hillary Clinton, renowned by Democrats for her exemplary concern for maintaining electronic security on her cell phones, dogmatically asserted, “What difference, at this point, does it make?!?”
It thus seems that the highest priority of the Democrats is not national defense, but the promotion of perversion in the name of “tolerance” and “social justice”. Sadly, this agenda is still apparently highly esteemed and acclaimed by a number of Catholic agencies and institutions of higher learning.
Spero columnist Rev. Tom Collins is a Catholic priest who serves the people of Virginia.



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