You can take a girl out from Texas, but you cannot take the Texas out of a girl. So it seems to be true of Hari Nam Kaur Khalsa, a 62-year-old yoga instructor who has resided in Chile since 1979. It was at her condominium in Batuco, a town approximately 15 miles north of Santiago, the capital of the South American republic, where four burglars broke in at approximately midnight. At that moment, Khalsa and her husband were entertaining a group of friends.
After cocking her in the head with a pistol and assaulting her friends, the criminals began to search the residence for loot. In Khalsa’s bedroom, a struggle ensued when they tried to tie her up. After freeing herself, it was there that she was able to retrieve a firearm that she kept in her nightstand and shot two of them. One fell dead immediately, while the other was able to scurry to the yard outside the residence where he perished. The two other robbers vanished.
According to police officer Ángel Jaque, “The subjects were surprised by one of the residences of the dwelling who, after being beaten, was able to access a weapon that she owned for the purpose of defending herself. She then fired several shots at them; two of them are dead.”
Khalsa teaches Kundalini yoga.
Authorities said Khalsa  acted in self-defense and will not face charges. Because they fear she may face retaliation, police are offering security for her.
"This is not a grandma as you can imagine," said José Nuñez, the manager of the building where Khalsa lives. "So don't be imagining a little grandma who killed two crooks with her cane." Khalsa was born in Texas and attended at the University of Texas. Longhorn pride was apparently at stake.
Permits to carry concealed weapons are quite rare in Chile. It is estimated that there are only 200 permit holders in all of Chile. Permits are issued for handguns for home defense, however. Each home is allowed two registered handguns.  Beyond that, a sportman’s license is required, which allows registering up to six more guns: rifles, shotguns, or pistols. A sportsman’s license requires one to join and be an active member of a gun club, which typically costs US$400 to join and another $400 per year. To go through the entire process from importing the gun, to registering the gun, to buying ammunition for the gun, you will have to deal with the local police (carabineros), the army (to test the gun), and customs. 



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