Famed legal expert Alan Dershowitz spoke on Fox News on Monday about President Trump's tour of the Middle East. The president managed to achieve two firsts on a journey that is taking him from Saudi Arabia and from thence to Israel, Italy, and Belgium. Trump is believed to have been on the first known direct flight from Saudi Arabia to Israel. Usually, flights between the two countries must go through third countries, such as Jordan, which have full diplomatic relations with Israel. Trump also is the first sitting president to go to the Wailing Wall -- the last remaining wall of Solomon's Temple -- to pray. Dershowitz said that Israel and Palestine are closer than ever to lasting peace.
ALAN DERSHOWITZ: The Israeli people want a two-state solution. I think many Palestinians want a two-state solution...
You don't take seriously what people say on the eve of elections. You take seriously what they do when they're the prime minister, when they're the president. When the prime minister of Israel said over and over again no pre-conditions. Let's sit down. We'll negotiate it, in Ramallah. We'll negotiate it, in Jerusalem. But not at the United Nations.
I actually think we're closer than we've been before because the Sunni-Shai dispute and the fear that Sunni Arabs now have of the Shai arc -- Iran, parts of Iraq, parts of Syria, to Hezbollah -- is terrifying to many of the most stable of Arab regimes. And I think they see Israel as a country, that would never harm them, a country that would never attack them, but they see Iran as a country that endangers them. 
So I think they want to create alliances between the stable Arab regimes and Israel to offset Iran and I think they see President Trump as somebody who will try to do this because he has the same kind of antagonism toward Iran. So this is a good time to try to sit down and make a deal.



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