The wife of Canadian premier Justin Trudeau, Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, posted photos on Instagram and Facebook of a birthday celebration for her four-year-old son, Hadrien. The young mother gushed in her post, "My lovely little boy Hadrien. ‘Didi,’ you light up our lives! Four years on Earth! Be brave, little guy, the adventure continues! Mom.” But instead of a traditional sugary birthday cake, little Hadrien was greeted by a banana adorned with sparklers and what was apparently chocolate syrup.

One person commented on the post, which Prime Minister Trudeau shared,"Is that a banana? Feel free to take some of my taxes and buy that kid a cake Justin Trudeau. Happy birthday!" Another wrote, "Is that a sparkler in a banana? i mean, I love bananas as much as the next kid, but ... cookie or something?"

Some commenters pointed out that little Hadrien may be on a restricted diet, or that he may have wanted a banana instead of cake at breakfast. One commenter observed, “I have a granddaughter who has never liked cake, she's 24 now. Perhaps that's what he wanted!!"

Yet another person commented on Instagram: “It’s a good thing I go to work everyday to pay for your nannies, costumes, trips. Meanwhile healthcare,education,infrastructure, seniors, veterans etc aren’t getting what they need. It’s sad what is happening to Canada.”

On Hadrien’s third birthday, Sophie Trudeau shared a photo of the tyke eating a birthday muffin at breakfast.

Prime Minister Trudeau recently took his entire family with him on an official visit to India. The Indian media paid close attention to the Trudeau children, and the prime minister's efforts to appeal to the culture of India.



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