Donald Trump received an endorsement from the NRA in May, and plans to meet with the organization’s leadership soon to hash out his support for a ban on gun purchases by persons who appear on the terrorist watch-list. The proposal has support from Democrat Hillary Clinton and her allies. NRA has joined with the ACLU in opposing it, arguing that it deprives persons not convicted of any crime of their constitutional rights.
Trump said in an interview with ABC’s Jonathan Karl that he intends to convince the NRA on the proposal that remains controversial with Second Amendment advocates.  “They want to make sure that terrorists don’t get guns,” Trump said, referring to the NRA. “And I know that something really good is going to come out of” a meeting. “We have to make sure that people who are terrorists or who have even an inkling toward terrorism cannot buy weapons, guns,” he said.
"We have to make sure that people that are terrorists or have even an inclination toward terrorism cannot buy weapons, guns," Trump told Karl on ABC’s "This Week." When asked if he believes that persons appearing on the no-fly list should come under a gun ban, Trump answered, "I'd like to see that, and I'd like to say it. And it's simpler. It's just simpler."
Trump tweeted on June 15 that he would meet with the NRA, to which the NRA responded with a tweet that they are happy to meet with him while reaffirming that their position is "no guns for terrorists—period. Due process & right to self-defense for law-abiding Americans.”
In the interview with ABC, Trump said "Now, but what they say, and I understand that also, is the Second Amendment, they're depriving them of those rights. And that it could be that people are on there that shouldn't be on, you know, etc. etc." Trump said. Trump added that even those people with an “inclination” towards terrorism should be denied guns. 
Looking forward to his meeting with the NRA, Trump said “I understand exactly what they're saying. You know, a lot of people are on the list that that really maybe shouldn't be on the list and you know their rights are being taken away so I understand that.”



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