Donald Trump: 'Manchurian Candidate'?

entertainment | Jun 20, 2017 | By Martin Barillas

Movie director Oliver Stone discussed his four-hour-long documentary titled “The Putin Interviews” with Fox News host Tucker Carlson on June 15. Stone described what he said is the “hostility” shown to President Donald Trump by American intelligence agencies. While there are some in the intelligence community who claim that Putin “hacked” the 2016 general election, the evidence to support that theory remains “thin.”
Stone said, "We have to have evidence of this. There's a thin amount of evidence," Stone said. "It's been told to us by three agencies - the CIA, the NSA and the FBI. It was told to us in January, a few days before Mr. Trump came into office."
Stone also charged former CIA Director John Brennan with creating a climate of "fear and paranoia" with his testimony in which he claimed that Russia directly interfered in the electoral process. “I'm shocked at what the CIA did and what Brennan did. It seemed like he was very hostile to Trump," Stone said.

Regarding the several investigations concerning alleged Russian meddling in the 2016 election, Stone said that it is the leakers who should be investigated and that “the deep state” has its own positions. “I’m shocked at what the CIA did and what Brennan did!” exclaimed Stone. “It seems like he was very hostile to Trump.” He accused Brennan of “creating a fear and paranoia without evidence in a time during the transition that we trust our leaders.”

 "Trump was, in a sense, slapped in the face with two weeks to go," Stone said. "This thing is serious. It's calling Trump, essentially, a 'Manchurian Candidate.' That's as hostile as it's ever been in a transition."

Stone asserted that it was former FBI Director James Comey who effectively influenced the election. It was Comey who announced just weeks before Election Day that the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email was dropped but then reopened. 
Stone worked with Donald Trump in the making of his 2010 film 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps." While Stone said he has not spoken with Trump in the last year, he “directed him” in a scene that did not make the final cut of the film. He added that it was “interesting” to work with Trump. 





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