Scott Adams, the originator of the famed "Dilbert" comic strip, tweeted a riposte on Twitter in which he sought to describe the campaign methods used by Hillary Clinton organization to characterize Republican nominee Donald Trump. Over the July 30-31 weekend, Khizr Khan -- a Muslim immigrant from Pakistan who had denounced Trump at the Democratic National Convention -- said that Trump has a "black soul" or even no soul at all because of statements Trump made about Khan's motivations. 

In a Twitter post, Rodger Kamenetz wrote: "Trump isn't losing cuz he's crazy. He's losing because he has a dark heart." To this, Adams replied, "No, he's losing because Clinton's persuasion experts make you hallucinate his 'dark heart.' They're good!" 

An exchange between Trump and Khan has led not only to a widespread repudiation of Trump for allegedly insensitive statements about Khan, but also false reports that Trump had actually denigrated the memory of Khan's son -- U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan, who posthumously won the Bronze Star after dying in a car-bomb attack in Iraq twelve years ago while defending his troops. The controversy has led even some Republicans and veterans groups to condemn Trump, while distracting from questions about Hillary Clinton's tenure in office at the State Department.

Adams has commented frequently on Trump, praising his communication style, but has not endorsed him. In June, Adams wrote "The persuasion kill shot against Trump is the accusation that Trump is a crazy racist. When you combine crazy and racist, you have a lethal persuasion cocktail. And that's what the Clinton side has done."



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