Hillary Clinton appeared to struggle at a subway turnstile in New York City before taking an uncustomary ride on the train this morning. It may be taken as a metaphor for the current conduct of her campaign for president.
Showing solidarity with the thousands of New York strap-hangers who have to go to work on public transportation, rather than the chauffeured vehicles to which she is accustomed, may not be enough to win over New Yorkers who have a real New Yorker in Bernie Sanders to choose in the coming Democratic primary.
Clinton has admitted not having driven herself since 1996, having been elected to the U.S. Senate twice and then joining the Obama administration as Secretary of State. Working at that level of the federal government has its perks, as does running the multi-million dollar Clinton Foundation.
Clinton lost to Sen. Sanders in Wisconsin this week, and then was castigated by the socialist for allegedly lacking the qualifications for the presidency. Sanders trounced Clinton, especially among younger voters.
A hot mic caught Clinton unawares yesterday when she remarked after a speech to members of the AFL-CIO in Pennsylvania to a man backstage: “We’ve got to get the energy going.”



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