Speaking live from Tijuana, where some 6,000 mostly Central American migrants are seeking admission to the United States, Univision reporter and author Jorge Ramos reporter spoke to CNN show host Anderson Cooper on conditions faced by the migrants along the border. Jorge told Cooper on Wednesday that many of the foreigners waiting at the border may simply move a few miles away and cross the border illegally. “If you go five miles that way or 25 miles that way, the wall that you see behind me disappears. If they don’t see a legal possibility of applying for political asylum, they’re just going to go a few miles… [and] they are going to try to do it illegally,” he told Cooper, apparently validating concerns over the lack of adequate controls along the southwest border.

Ramos, who is a naturalized U.S. citizen and a Mexican by birth, said that illegal entry is a “more intelligent” way to get through the inadequate border defenses near the border entry points at San Diego, California. He reasoned, “The Trump administration is only processing about 100 asylum applications, and with that it’ll take months for many of the people over here just to go to the United States legally. So many are trying illegal ways to get into the United States.” 

In an apparent reference to President Donald Trump’s continued demands for a border wall along the 2,000 miles dividing the United States from Mexico, Ramos said, “Let me just say this: Trump is the wall for them, because they realize that they cannot go to the United States legally … and they also understand that they might face tear gas again.”

In a tweet he wrote in Spanish, Ramos complained about tear gas that U.S. Border Patrol agents unleashed on migrants who rushed the border on Sunday after throwing rocks and debris, injuring several agents. He wrote: “The U.S. launched tear gas into Mexican territory in Tijuana, but there was no protest from [Mexican] President Pena Nieto’s administration. To the contrary, he will award the Aztec Eagle medal to Trump’s son-in-law [Jared Kushner].”

Commenting on the mobbing of the border, Ramos said of the migrants,“They learn very fast, so they are not trying to go in mass again to the American side. But they are doing something completely different and probably more intelligent.” 

Ramos, who clashed with candidate Trump in 2016 and has remained critical of the Trump presidency, has denounced the planned border wall. In an op-ed he published last year, Ramos wrote: “[I]t makes no sense to build a wall, even for security reasons. Here’s why. About four out of every 10 undocumented immigrants come legally, many by plane, and then over-stay their visas. No wall can stop that, no matter how long or tall it is. Unfortunately, Donald Trump doesn’t believe that is true.” A border wall, he wrote,  would “only give a false sense of security,” while noting that most illegal immigrants enter the U.S. legally through the usual ports of entry. 





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