On November 28, Catherine Gregory successfully shut down a speech by Lucian Wintrich, a reporter for The Gateway Pundit, who was on campus at the University of Connecticut to deliver a speech titled “It’s OK to Be White.” After Gregory seized Wintrich’s notes from the lectern in a lecture hall and hustled out the center aisle with Wintrich in pursuit.

According to police, Wintrich grabbed Gregory by the shoulders, “pulling her back in a violent manner.” Wintrich was arrested there by officers in attendance. It has since emerged that the 33-year-old Gregory is employed at Quinebaug Valley Community College as an associate director of career services and advising.

The college has increased security in the aftermath of her interchange with Wintrich, due to multiple death threats she has received since being identified. Wintrich was charged with breach of the peace, a misdemeanor, and was released later that evening after posting $1,000 bond.

Over the December 9-10 weekend, Gregory was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct and attempted sixth-degree larceny over the incident just this past weekend.

Jonathan Turley, a professor of law at George Washington University wrote a denunciation of Gregory. “It is particularly disturbing to see someone associated with an institution of high education acting to silence opposing speakers and actually stealing material. Gregory’s conduct was reprehensible and showed the same contempt for free speech that we have discussed as part of a rising intolerance on our campuses.” Quinebaug Valley Community College president Carlee Drummer issued a statement declining to discipline Gregory, because “the employee attended the event as a private citizen.”

Charges against Wintrich were dropped on Monday. Attorney Norm Pattis, who is of counsel to Wintrich, said Gregory and the University of Connecticut would hear from him soon. "Free speech matters," he said. "It's OK to be white, black, brown or anything in between. My client came to Connecticut and was treated like a criminal for no reason." Wintrich is an outspoken supporter of Donald Trump.




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