CNN/Money is promoting what it says are “5 Must-Have Apps for Undocumented Immigrants”. These “tools”, said CNN, are to “arm undocumented immigrants with knowledge, safety and moral support without compromising privacy.” CNN reported, “President Trump’s efforts to crack down on immigration have left millions of undocumented immigrants with an uncertain future in America. In response, digital entrepreneurs are using technology to help support this community.”
The applications are available in Spanish.
Tarjimly is an app that is not yet fully developed. It will serve as a messenger bot linked to Facebook that will connect its users to over 2,000 anonymous volunteer translators in real time. According to co-founder Atif Javed, the app is “is extremely important given a political climate where Trump can ban immigrants and refugee.,” Javed added, “Technology must help us stick together in Trump’s America and eliminate the fear we have of suffering people.”
Notifica is is also under development. Already, 7,000 are on a waiting list. Notifica will allow its users to send personal messages to up to 15 contacts in the event of a raid by Immigration and Customs Enforcement. “Notifica is an app that gives people control of their own destiny,” Adrian Reyna said. “I want to do everything in my power to make sure that individuals aren’t afraid and they are able to live a life with dignity and respect that they deserve.”
Cell 411 has introduced features aimed at illegal immigrants that allow them to contact friends or relatives in the event of an ICE raid. The number of users has spiked since President Trump’s inauguration. 
Arrived is a boon to illegal immigrants. While it is a news service that provides updates on immigration law, it also teaches deportation procedures and provides a map of sanctuary cities, and teaches English. 
RedadAlertas is also still being developed. It will give alerts of forthcoming ICE raids and related developments within a 10- to 20-mile radius. Its developer is a former illegal immigrant from Mexico. 



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