GOP Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and Matt Gaetz of Florida are demanding that Attorney Genearl Jeff Sessions to name a special counsel to investigate former FBI Director James Comey and his dealings over Hillary Clinton's use of an unsecured email server during her tenure as Barack Obama's secretary of state.  
“It’s time for Jeff Sessions to name a Special Counsel and get answers for the American people. If not, he should step down,” the two congressmen said in an article at They wrote:

"Why in 2016 did FBI Director Comey begin drafting an exoneration letter for Secretary Clinton, whom he called “grossly negligent” in an early draft of the letter, before completing the investigation?  Before interviewing several witnesses? And before interviewing Secretary Clinton?

"Why in 2016 did James Comey and the Justice Department give Cheryl Mills, Secretary Clinton’s Chief of Staff, an immunity agreement for turning over her laptop computer? Typically, the Department would issue a subpoena or get a warrant and seize it. Why in this case did the FBI agree to destroy the laptop?

"Why in 2016—one day before the Benghazi report was released and five days before Secretary Clinton was interviewed by the FBI—did Attorney General Lynch meet with former President Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix?"

The two politicians, both of whom are members of the Freedom Caucus, claim that a letter Comey wrote to exonerate Clinton in the months before an investigation was complete, and before the FBI talked to her, was troubling. Also troubling the congressmen is the handling of the much discussed dossier on Donald Trump, which was paid for by the Democratic National Committee and the Clinton campaign. If the dossier was so troubling to Comey, the congressmen said he should have briefed president-elect Trump before the January 6 briefing to the incoming president and Barack Obama. 

In addition, Jordan and Gaetz are calling into question the independence of Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who was FBI director during the 2010 deal that saw the U.S. government approve the sale of uranium to Russian interests. Mueller is currently investigating alleged ties between Trump's campaign collaborators and Russia.  President Trump has also expressed his frustration with the Department of Justice.



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