Once thought to be in danger, a 15-year-old Tennessee schoolgirl is now a suspect in a murder case. Trinity Faith Quinn was named in an Amber Alert and believed to be in imminent danger when reported missing by Rhea Central Elementary School on Monday. Rhea County is located in a rural area near the Tennessee River. 
It is believed that she was somehow “manipulated” to run away with 28-year-old Daniel Clark, a man she had known her entire life and called “Uncle Dan.” Quinn’s cell phone and some clothing were found. 
At an Exxon gasoline station in Nashville on Tuesday, Clark allegedly shot and killed clerk John Daniel Stevens, 58, during a robbery attempt. Quinn was with him. After reviewing closed-circuit television recordings, the Nashville Police Department reported that it appeared that Quinn did not try to flee during the shooting. She did some shopping while Clark was at the counter. According to Fox News, Metro Nashville Police Department spokesman Don Aaron said, "It is this department's belief that (Quinn) had the opportunity to flee. We do not see any indication she was held against her will."
Quinn and Clark escaped on foot after attempting to steal an SUV at the scene of the crime. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) have put Clark on their '10 Most Wanted' list. However, on Wednesday morning, when the Amber Alert was released that warned Quinn was in "imminent danger of bodily harm or death," a truck driver glimpsed her standing at the side of the road about two miles from the shooting. The driver notified the police.
When police found Quinn and Clark in bushes nearby, they surrendered without a struggle. Both are now in custody and suspected of murder. They are now charged both Clark and Quinn with criminal homicide, especially aggravated robbery, and attempted auto theft in connection with the shooting death of the clerk
According to the Nashville Metro PD statement:
“After interviews with the two, detectives believe they entered the Exxon market to force Stevens to give up his car keys so the two could flee the area.  Surveillance video shows Clark confront Stevens at gunpoint as Quinn stands nearby inside the front door.  When Clark pointed the gun at Stevens’ head at close range, Stevens grabbed at Clark’s gun hand.  Clark stepped back and fired multiple rounds into Stevens’ body.  Clark then went behind the counter and searched the clerk’s pockets.  He took Stevens’ keys.  Clark and Quinn went to a parked SUV at the side of the building and attempted to enter it.  It was not Stevens’ vehicle so the door key would not work.  Clark fired shots breaking the SUV’s window.  The two attempted to steal the vehicle, but did not have an ignition key that worked.  They then fled on foot.”
Police believe Clark and Quinn had been planning to flee Dayton, Tennessee, together for the past several weeks. Once they arrived in Nashville, they ran out of gasoline and stayed in a Wal-Mart parking lot before entering the Exxon. It was then that the fateful events occurred. 



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