The latest batch of emails purloined from the gmail account of Hillary Clinton campaign director John Podesta by the WikiLeaks hacking organization continues to offer revelations. At issue in a number of instances has been the close relationship between the Clinton campaign and select members of the establishment media. One of the most notable examples of alleged collusion was between top Clinton aide and interim Democratic National Committee chair Donna Brazile, who has been embroiled in controversy ever since accusations emerged that while she was working at CNN, she alerted the campaign of a question to be directed to her by the member of the audience at  the March 6 debate in Flint, Michigan, that featured Sen. Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton. 
CNN has fought hard to beat back the perception of favoritism to Democrats and Democratic Party causes. In a Huffington Post report today, CNN President Jeff Zucker said that the perception that political campaigns receive questions in advance “hurts all of us.” He added, “I have no tolerance for her behavior or that kind of behavior,” referring to Brazile. 
Zucker stressed on the call that CNN staffers working on the debates did not reveal any questions. 
In another instance of cooperation between the media and the Clinton campaign is found in an email sent by campaign staffer Christina Reynolds to several addresses, including Podesta, and Clinton’s communications director Jennifer Palmieri. The June 9, 2015 missive said:
“Memo is attached—it’s been proofed and has Marlon-approved numbers. Unless I hear otherwise, we’ll send to our friends and allies list at noon and
Jesse will get it leaked to Dan Merica at CNN. We will then give it to anyone who asks. Thanks!”
Dan Merica is the top political reporter for CNN on Democratic Party candidates. His name has come up in several emails associated with Podesta. While his relationship appears to be friendly, rather than collaborative, the close relationship is evident.
For example, Palmieri wrote that Clinton’s traveling press secretary, Nick Merrill, was to call Merica in advance of writing an article about Clinton. She wrote in September 2015, “Nick is calling dan Mercia [sic] who tweeted aboit it.”
Later, Merrill described a friendly conversation between Clinton and Merica. He wrote, “Dan Merica asked her if she was jealous that she didn’t get [Chris] Christie’s endorsement, to which she responded with a prolonged smile (you could see the gears turning), and then said ‘Dan, I really like you. I really really like you.’ They are basically courting each other at this point.”
Also, Merica replied “yes” to an RSVP for an off-the-record dinner at Podesta’s home in New York, just three days before Clinton launched her presidential campaign. 



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