Speaking with John Gibson of Fox News radio, author Ann Coulter again praised Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. She also expressed amazement that South Carolina’s Governor Nikki Haley used the official GOP response to President Obama’s final State of the Union address to condemn aspects of Trump’s campaign position on immigration.
Regarding Haley herself, Coulter said on January 14  “I think she’s a bimbo.” When Gibson objected to the use of the epithet, Coulter insisted that she was speaking the truth, free of political correctness. “I’m saying something I think is true, I think she is a bimbo!” She added, “She is a woman who was accidentally elected because she’s pretty and isn’t very bright, can we say that?”
Moreover, Coulter said that there is something wrong in South Carolina. It is in the Palmetto State, she said, that voters have returned Haley to the governor’s chair and also elected Sen. Lindsey Graham, who only recently folded his Republican presidential bid. On the stump, Graham was one of Trump’s sharpest critics. Coulter suspects that Haley will not be govenor for long. 
Coulter said of Haley's remarks, which touted the benefits of immigration, that the Republican party is worse than she describes in her most recent book. She condemned what she sees as the GOP's "undying committment to vast Third World immigration over everything else: over regulatory reform, over taxes, over repealing Obamacare, over doing anything about abortion. They are obsessed; we must keep dumping the Third World on America, we must replace the American people with a new populace, even with one candidate finally coming out and saying 'Stop!' and then sailing to the top of the polls."
Coulter's new book is "Adios America! The Left's Plan to turn our country into a Third World Hellhole." 



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