Who won the Christmas War?

religion | Dec 15, 2014 | By William Donohue

Who is winning the 2014 Christmas wars? Neither the pro-Christmas nor the anti-Christmas side can claim victory—so far it looks like a draw. 
When it comes to erecting a nativity scene on public property, the pro-Christmas side can claim victories in Grand Haven, Michigan; Cherokee County, Texas; Baxter County, Arkansas; Brookville, Indiana; Ogden City, Utah; Austin, Texas; Utica, New York; and New York City.
The anti-Christmas side can claim victory in Maury County, Tennessee; Portsmouth, Virginia; North Augusta, South Carolina; Jay City, Florida; Orange County, Florida; Piedmont, Alabama; and Dallas, North Carolina.
There are some towns where the controversy is continuing, with no clear winner. Both sides have also challenged each other in using billboards to convey their message (click here to see our Los Angeles billboard).
The anti-Christmas side is led by Freedom from Religion Foundation, American Atheists, the ACLU, and Americans United for Separation of Church and State.
The pro-Christmas side would be better off seeking to erect a nativity scene in a public park, rather than on the lawn of City Hall or outside a courthouse. The latter invite the argument that the government is giving its blessings to the crèches; no such claim can be made when the venue is a park, which is a public forum.
Trying to rid our Judeo-Christian culture of its heritage bespeaks a mindset that is quintessentially totalitarian. The cultural fascists should be challenged at every point by the pro-Christmas side.



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