On the October 8 broadcast of NBC Nightly New, network political director Chuck Todd declared that the current political race is no "over," and that Donald Trump has lost the election to Hillary Clinton. The Republican Party, he said, can now only minimize the damage to itself.
Citing Republicans to whom he claims to have spoken, Todd said, “Right now you have every Republican now deciding it’s every Republican for themselves.” In an apparent contradiction, Todd said: “It’s ‘save the party.’ It’s ‘save the Senate majority and the House majority.'” Todd said furthermore, “Every Republican I’ve talked to that isn’t in Trump Tower has essentially said the presidential race is over.”
He told the Today Show that Trump's comments about groping women, which were recorded surreptitiously by a hot mic in 2005 with the anchor of Access Hollywood, Billy Bush, means that the Trump campaign is doomed and could pull the GOP down with it. However, Todd did not offer any polling data to support his analysis, which appears to be his own work. Earlier on the same day, Todd said that Trump has "lost the moral authority to lead.” He provided no similar analysis of Hillary Clinton and the various accusations laid against her, including the use of a private email server for classified information or her alleged abetting of a smear campaign against several women who have made accusations of sexual harassment and rape against former President Bill Clinton.
MSNBC's Todd did not compare Trump's apology for his words, uttered as a private citizen, to Bill Clinton's conduct while serving in government. 
Prominent Republicans have joined with Democrats in denouncing Trump's words, and some have withdrawn support. Among the most prominent Republicans to denounce Trump are Republicans who ran against him in the primaries or have not endorsed him. There are reports that staffers at the Republican National Convention are in a state of "rebellion" and are refusing to take on tasks to ensure Trump wins the presidential election one month from now. 
All the same, Trump supporters are not sitting back. In Wisconsin, House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) was booed and jeered when he took the stage at a Republican rally. Trump had been scheduled to appear at the rally but was reportedly disinvited by Ryan. Vice-presidential nominee Mike Pence was then touted as a replacement, but he then canceled his appearance. The development appeared to surprise both the media and participants on the ground. Some shouted "Where's Trump?" while others shouted at Ryan "You turned your back on him!" Other Republicans appearing on the stage were similarly jeered. In Nevada, at another campaign rally, Republican Senator Joe Heck, who is running for re-election, was also booed. In Manhattan, Trump supporters thronged outside Trump Tower where they bore signs in support and then cheered him as he left the building and boarded his vehicle.
Trump issued an apology in a videotape he issued on October 2, the same day the controversial video appeared, while wife Melania asked the public to accept his apology for what she said are "unacceptable" remarks. Trump has vowed that he will not give up his candidacy and has hinted that he will bring up former President Bill Clinton's conduct in today's debate. The second of the three presidential debates is scheduled to be broadcast tonight at 9 pm ET.



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