The Immigration and Customs Enforcement's (ICE) acting director Thomas Homan announced that the agency will now begin to focus on the nation's 300 or more sanctuary cities and jurisdictions. In addition, illegal border crossings are down by 70 percent since President Trump took office.

Also, ICE arrests domestically have risen by about 40 percent since federal immigration agencies have begun focusing on finding and deporting criminal aliens. 

Homan also noted in testimony earlier this month before Congress that demands for illegal criminal aliens at local jails has skyrocketed by some 80 percent. These will be targeted for removal from the country, vowed Homan. He is embarked on hiring 10,000 new immigration agents to arrest illegal alien criminals seeking the protection of sanctuary cities. Among these cities are San Francisco and New York. 

During the Obama administration, tens of thousands of convicted criminal aliens were released back onto the street. Many committed further crimes. For example, more than 30,000 criminal aliens with a combined total exceeding 92,000 criminal convictions, including homicide, kidnapping, battery, and sexual assault, were released back into local neighborhoods in 2014.




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