On January 12 of last year, I published on this website an article on “Everyday Poetry.” At the end of it, I wrote that I was finding about one new example every day. So, I’m back here with more, about 250 more. In the document linked below, I will boldface all the material new since last year. Also, I place a poem at the end that a reader, who appreciated my effort, sent me. I print it with permission.  

Until I started paying attention, I had not noticed the extent to which we suffuse our speech with short, rhyming words or phrases . . . with poetry. Rhyming poetry does not depend on how the words or phrases appear in written form. So it doesn’t matter how words or phrases are spelled or how they are punctuated, for example, by a hyphen, combined into one word, or bearing a space between words. What matters is how the words or phrases are pronounced. 

I hope this essay brings joy to you and your children – like Dr. Seuss books do. As you examine the words and phrases I set forth, I think you’ll see our creative minds at work, forging expressions easy to remember and easy to share to become part of our common speech, our lexicon.

Click here to see the document in its entirety, available for downloading.




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