According to a new study, 24 percent of Democrats have sought to “block,” “unfollow” and “unfriend” others on social media when dealing with others who disagree with their politics since Election Day. Republicans and Independents appear to be more congenial: only 9 percent in both cases sought to unfriend their antagonists.
The PRRI poll is just one of several indicators of the debts of divisions in the country. For example, a September poll taken by Monmouth University found that 7 percent of respondents ended friendships over the presidential race. In addition, the study found that 70 percent of Americans said the election brought out the worst in people. By comparison, only 4 percent said it had brought out the best. A later poll published by the Pew Research Center showed that, among spouses who disagreed about the general election, 41 percent had argued over the candidates. 
The PPRI study found that those respondents who identify as “liberal” are less tolerant of opinions that strayed from their prejudices. 28 percent acknowledged that they had cut off relations with at least one antagonist in online debate, as compared to 11 percent of moderates and 8 percent of conservatives.
The study also found that many women who lean toward the Democratic party are in a bad mood: 30 percent report cutting off at least one person social media for political reasons.



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