Kate del Castillo was not only a critic of Donald Trump in 2015, but that year she also became a U.S. citizen. On twitter, the Mexican-born soap-opera actress she posted a photo of herself while taking the naturalization oath while issuing a shout out to then-candidate Trump. She proclaimed: I’m a new US citizen. I speak out and I don’t support you or your animal killer son. Fuerza Latina [Latin force].  Del Castillo retains her Mexican citizenship and thus can vote in both the US and Mexico.

Del Castillo recently released a video in Spanish that counsels illegal immigrants in the United States how to prevent their arrest, detention, and deportation by federal immigration authorities. 

Here follows a translation from Spanish of her message:

“Dear Fellow Mexicans. It is very important today that, more than ever, you must take care in what you do.

“Today any mistake may have grave consequences.

“Do not commit any sort of administrative misdemeanor.

“Domestic violence –violence against women - can bring arrest and deportation.

“Care for and protect your family, your women.

“If you don’t have a driver’s license, don’t drive.

“Do not falsify any document and do not anything that threatens your situation.

Spanish original:

“Queridos paisanos. Es muy importante que hoy más que nunca cuides tus actos.Hoy cualquier falta puede tener consecuencias mayores. No cometes ningún tipo de falta administrativa.La violencia domestica–la violencia contra la mujer es motivo de arresto y deportación. Cuida, proteje tu familia, tus mujeres. Si no cuentas con licencia de conducir, no manejes.No falsifiques ningún papel y no hagas nada que vulnera tu situación.”           

Del Castillo gained notoriety after she contacted Joaquin Guzman Loera -- a Mexican cartel chieftain known as El Chapo -- with a series of messages on social media. She wrote in 2015: “Mr. Chapo, wouldn’t it be cool that you started trafficking with love?” She also wrote: “Today I believe more in Chapo Guzmán [than in] the government that hides painful truths from me, who hide the cure for cancer, AIDS, etc., for their own benefit and wealth." At the time, Guzman was confined in a Mexican prison. Once she was contacted by Guzman's attorneys to discuss producing a bio-pic about the murderous kingpin, Del Castillo was placed under surveillance by Mexican security officials. 

After El Chapo managed to escape prison, Del Castillo arranged for American actor Sean Penn to interview the notorious drug lord in October 2015. She and Penn were continuously under surveillance while in Mexico. Shortly thereafter, Guzman was arrested in a spectacular raid by Mexican marines.

Both Penn and Del Castillo became the focus of an investigation by the Attorney General of Mexico. In January 2016, she was subpoenaed to appear before a Mexican prosecutor at the Mexican consulate in Los Angeles to answer questions whether she received money to finance the planned movie about Guzman and her tequila brand Honor del Castillo. While a Mexican judge later granted her petition for an injunction against arrest over her ties to Guzman, Mexico’s attorney general issued an order for her arrest should she set foot again on Mexican soil.

The video was produced by Agenda Migrante [Migrant Agenda], a Mexican group that seeks to counsel Mexicans who live in the United States and to foster the reintegration of Mexicans returning to their native land. Among the persons ostensibly endorsing the group and noted on its website are Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Rep. Ruben Gallegos (D-AZ), Arizona state senator Catherine Miranda (D), as well as numerous Mexican politicians, journalists, and academics. Among them is Emilio Gaynor of Chicanos Por La Causa, an Arizona-based public relations executive who was born in Mexico who is involved in Sister Cities.

In an interview with Mexico's La Opinion newspaper, the founder of Agenda Migrante Eunice Rendon spoke about the series of videos her organization is planning to release. "We want to make it known, through the campaign we are calling #migrantesdepie [migrants, stand up] in which we involve diverse actors, singers, and communicators who are well known to our countrymen so that they are well aware of the risks and the reasons by which they can lose everything in the United States." 

Concerning the group's videos, Rendon said, "We're going to release a video every two weeks on social media. Kate was the first, focusing on the most frequent problems." Future videos will detail how to elude arrest and deportation. For example: having a plan of action; registering children as citizens of Mexico; always carry official identity papers; calling on Mexican consulates in case of arrest; and how to behave. For example, Mexican nationals are told that when immigration officials knock at the door, they should be asked for a court order. 

The website bills itself as the "Most important voice of 30 million Mexicans living in the US."



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